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Hi, I'm Derek!

More specifically I'm Derek Gourlay. I am a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia (May, 2011) where I completed my undergraduate degree: a Bachelors of Applied Science in Computer Engineering - Software Engineering Option with a Commerce Minor (quite the mouthful).  In October, 2011 I began working as a Software Development Engineer at AbeBooks Inc. I am a passionate and innovative self-proclaimed computer nerd/geek with developing interests in Distributed & Cloud Computing.


Here are some interesting facts about me:

  • I enjoy both high and low-level  software development
  • My middle name is Bachelor and is descendant from family heritage
  • I dabble in embeded development projects and robotics as a hobby
  • I was declared 2006 Time Magazine's Person of the Year
  • I like to travel and quite enjoy culinary arts
  • I've recently been trying to switch my keyboard to a Colemak layout


While I have owned my domain name for quite some time, this website itself is relatively new. I've split it into two main sections: a blog and my professional profile.  I plan to populate the blog portion of my website with everything from projects I may be working upon to articles and research I find interesting.  The professional profile portion of my website is to be dedicated to outlining who I am and my credentials to any prospective employers. So go explore my website!